About Sense studio


Founded by a team of Hong Kong-based young professionals in 2015, Sense Studio is the only Chinese platform sharing contents from our in-house editors and guest writers who focus on mind-body wellness and organic lifestyle.

Starting out as an online platform, where we curate free and professional contents to promote ideas towards better living, yoga, Ayurveda, vegetarian diet, meditation and spirituality we now also offer online tutorials as well as classes you can book directly through us.

Our mission is to raise the awareness of mind-body wellness in the Chinese community. Reaching people online and teaching offline, we host yoga classes and workshops with individuals, groups and corporate over the years.

By positioning ourselves as a wellness service provider, Sense Studio does not limit itself to any specific religion. We believe Love & Unity are the ultimate essences of life regardless of who you are or where you come from. When you open your mindset and view life from different perspectives, endless opportunities open up to improve your being. Explore your inner self with Sense Studio to rediscover who you really are.


Sense Studio 網上平台於2015成立,平台以瑜伽、素食、阿育吠陀養生為基礎,搜羅實用有效的資訊,成為亞洲地區唯一綜合中文平台。